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Why are shooting glasses tinted yellow?

When I was choosing shooting glasses online, I found most of them were yellow tinted. Why? Is there special reason for it?
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  • croatiadiary


    Shooting glasses are worn for shield eyes from UV rays and strong light. Though All tinted shooting glasses are able to satisfy you, different color tints has different functions. Among those color tints, yellow tinted lenses can make everything look brighter especial in a cloudy day because they can increase vision contrast. So, wearing yellow tinted shooting glasses can help you see prey more clearly.
  • walkingwolf2004


    Yellow tinted glasses are good for shooting because these glasses can help heighten contrast in hazy, foggy and other low-light conditions. Yellow tinted glasses can provide you with clear vision so that you can focus on the target easily. Besides, yellow tinted glasses can filter out the blue light which can affect the sharper focus. That's why yellow tinted glasses are applied for shooting.