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How to get red eyes on purpose?

How do I get red eyes on purpose so that I can skip school? I really hate to go to school.
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  • Ryan


    I don't think it is a wise way to get red eyes for skipping school. If you hate to go to school, If you are really going to get red eyes, the most safe way is lacking of sleep. If it does not work for you, you can use some onions. Cut onions into slices and put it under your eyes for a few seconds and then rube them. Or you may try to get infection to your eyes, which surely help you get red eyes. But it is dangerous because it damages your eyes.
  • Mona


    I can't understand you if you just want to make your eyes red in order to skip school. As you are a student, you should go to school to study hard. Once you miss the good chance of learning knowledge, it won't come back again. If you do want to make your eyes red, you can apply onion which will work fine to make your eyed red. Just put onion under your eyes for a while and then rub your eyes, which can make your eyes red soon.
  • Cesar Vazquez


    cry, but don't rub your eyes. wipe off the tears with toilet paper gently.
  • crush_star


    Wow, what a good idea that saying you have red eye is a good excuse because nobody wants to be anyone near someone who has this condition. Red eye is also known as conjunctivitis. It is characterized by the redness and inflammation of the conjunctiva. This is the moist tissue that covers the surface of the eyes and lines the eyelid. It's not by any means an exotic disease. In fact, it's a fairly common condition. As my personal experience, you can eat some peppers, which will irritate your eyes and turn red. Or you can use some makeup, which will last for a longer time. Moreover, at the page, you can find detailed information about what you want. Hope this helpful.
  • Susie Washington


    Guy, there! If you want to skip school, just do it! I hated to go to school too especially when I was a college student. The classes are so boring and the teachers would give nothing important to share with us. All the things we need to learn could be found in the book or on the internet. So I didn't know why I bothered to go to college and spent large amount of money in school. But I had always behaved very well in primary school and high school. I could study by myself and I also had study plans set by myself. If you can promise your mum that you can learn at home, you may not need to go to school and not get red eyes.
  • evelyn12


    If you got an eye infection, you may have red appearance in your eyes. Usually the people who have pink eye will show redness in their eyes. And the pink eye can be caused by a viral, bacteria or allergens. I don't think it is wise to get pink eye by infected your eyes with virus or bacteria. But if you are allergic to something, you can stay with that allergen for a while and then your eyes will show redness. If you get away from that allergen, your eyes will be as well as it before and won't get damaged by the allergen. You can have a try. Good luck!
  • Erin rupert


    haha. i actually just did this today. i just put some red eyeshadow around my eyes. like around the lashline. and rubbed it in really good so it didn't look like i had put red eyeshadow around my eyes. i rubbed em for awhile. they still look kinda red now actually. also, don't open your eyes real wide. makes you look even more like you don't feel very good. poking yourself in the eye with the brush helps too.
  • mallie


    all you have to do is put a hot rag over your eyes in rub them

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