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John Hendry


What are the best shooting glasses?

I am looking for a pair of shooting glasses. Which brand do you think is the best? I want something with interchangable lenses
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  • cant_let_him_go


    When it refers to buy shooting glasses, Most of people may think of Oakleys G26 lenses that very cool for wearing it in a bright day. It is worthy to try. Besides, NYX Arrow Glasses is good choices, they offer three colors options for you, amber, orange and vermillion for shooters. So, if you want to buy suitable shooting glasses, you can consider to buy a pair of NYX Arrow Glasses, more information, you can read at
  • James green


    A good pair of shooting glasses should not only be able to protect your eyes from being damaged by UV ryas, ricochets and debris but also provide you with clear vision to enhance your vision. There is a brand called Eye Safety Systems ( ESS ) which offer good shooting glasses called the ICE or Interchangeable Component Eyeshield with competitive price. You can try searching this kind of shooting glasses and you will find they are really good.

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