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Robert ja


How soon can i wear eye makeup after lasik?

I just wonder how soon can i wear eye makeup after lasik? I can't wait to try my new mascara cream
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  • Thomas


    Your doctor will suggest you apply eye makeup at least two to three weeks after the lasik surgery. That's because if you apply eye makeup during the healing process, the eye makeup is easy to get into your eyes to cause eye infection. Besides, when you use eye makeup, your fingers will transfer bacteria to the eye, which is very dangerous to your eyes during the healing process after the surgery. So you'd better apply eye makeup after your cornea get healed.
  • c_wilde


    If you just take lasik surgery, you'd better not wear eye makeup for at least three days. If you want to eye makeup, the time must extend for two or three weeks. That because eye makeup can cause infection. Even poke your eyes. Besides, the transfer bacteria to the eyes. Though you love your new mascara cream, you'd better not wear it About 2 or three weeks for the sake of your eyes.

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