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Christian george


What are the benefits of Aspheric glasses?

My doctor told me it is better to wear aspheric glasses than spheric ones. What are the benefits of Aspheric glasses?
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  • waldron143


    Compared conventional spheric lenses that have the same curve across its entire surface, Aspheric glasses lenses have a more complex front surface that gradually changes in curvature from the center of the lens out to the edge. So, Aspheric glasses lenses are featured with low profile, light weight, sharpness. Besides, Aspheric glasses also provide wears a good appearances because the lenses won't minimize your eyes when others see your eyes through lenses.
  • emi47678


    Aspheric glasses do benefit us a lot. First of all, aspheric glasses have a lower lens profile because the lenses are made with flatter curves, which leads to less bulging of the lens. Next, the aspheric glasses are lightweight due to the low profile of the aspheric lenses, so people find it comfortable to wear aspheric glasses. And aspheric glasses will provide wearers with sharp vision. Unlike spheric glasses, aspheric glasses won't cause vision distortion.
  • chris_nubelle


    Normally, the conventional or non-aspheric lenses look like table-tennis ball. Aspheric lenses are lenses that the surface angles and profiles without sphere or cylinder. That is to say, aspheric lenses look like baseball. Compared with the non-aspheric lenses, they have some advantages. Firstly, it is more attractive to wear they because of the lens profile is lower. It allows the lens to be flatter and sleeker than the others. Due to this character, it is lighter and more comfortable based on less material for wearers.