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Daniel christian


Can i have cataract surgery with a cold?

Is it OK to take cataract surgery when i got a cold? Or it will increase the risks of the surgery?
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  • rommel abad


    Well, in my opinion, you are not supposed to have cataract surgery until your cold has gone away. First, you should know that when you have cold, your body may get some flu, and virus. And at this time, your eyes can be weaker than normal too. If you have surgery at this moment, it will just increase the risk of surgery. And even if you have the surgery, the result may be not so good. Also, some side effects can occur. It can be dangerous. So in my opinion, you should wait till your cold has recovered.
  • Hunter jackson


    You would better accept the cataract surgery when you recover from the cold. The sound condition of the body will be great not only for the surgery process but also the recovery periods. The eyes are the subtle and delicate organ which needs to treat it carefully. When you catch old, you may cough and sneeze, if the surgery under such circumstance, how would it work in a normal way? When you catch old, the tears and nasal discharge will be increased than normal, they will also affect the quality of surgery. Hope you get well soon! God bless you!
  • Angela tuener


    No, it is not a good idea to have the cataract surgery with a cold. Normally speaking, coughing with force might increase the pressure in eyes, which is apparently not good for eyes after surgery. Meanwhile, a cold is a virus-infected respiratory disease, and it is easy for the respiratory disease to spread virus to eyes. After all, there is a small cut on the cornea, and virus might cause infection, which definitely could increase the risk. So in most cases, the doctor would rather to reschedule for patients if they got a cold before the surgery. After the surgery, patients would take medications and eye drops to accelerate the healing. It is very common to have some mild discomforts, like sensitivity to light and watery eyes. Avoid any strenuous activities.