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Angela green


How much do arnette sunglasses cost?

Does anyone know how are arnette sunglasses? What do you think about arnette sunglasses? Are they good?
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  • ebarnes1621


    It looks like their price is from $65 to $150 a pair. They are good at the quality. Talking about the design, it is fashionable, always following the trend of the fashion. And the price is suitable. If you want to buy at cheaper price, you could go to the online store to have a look.
  • chosen_cookie


    Well, first you should know that they are very good and also have high reputation in the world. Arnette sunglasses are described as the symbol of progressive design, maximum functionality and unparalleled quality. And they are specially designed for people who like sports and going outsides. So you can just pick one pair if you are a sport lover. By wearing them, I think they ca give you a different feeling. Also, you can buy them at And they cost 70 dollars in average. So it is very acceptable for many people to have good sunglasses at the cheap price.
  • Logan hall


    Well, you should understand the fact that, Arnette is a renowned brand which was founded in 1992. Their sunglasses are widely appreciated due to their excellence in making sports utility sunglasses. I myself find them really fantastic in every way, but their prices are not humane. Of course they are excellent sunglasses and that's why they are always held high on the market.

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