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Why do my eyes hurt when i'm hungover?

I'm wondering why my eyes often hurt when i'm hungover? Any idea?
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  • Joshua?hall


    Yes, the alcohol drinking will cause you puffy eyes in the next day's morning. The reason is that, after drinking, the blood will be dilute with the extra liquid from your drink, the blood circulation will be accelerated and it leads to the osmotic pressure enlarge between the blood and tissue spaces, the local edema will happen. The puffy eyes will be recovered after the discharge of the extra liquid after you get up several hours. The alcohol is hard to resolve than water, so the discharge process will be long than usual for it will aggravate the kidney burden. For the sake of your health, please drink less of the alcohol.
  • Connor scott


    When you are hangover, your eyes may be knocked or knock on something under you unconscious state. You should not drink too much next time. Drinking too much is also bad for the eyes which may stimulate the eye nerves which will cause the dry eyes. What's worse, it may cause the eyes to get infection.
  • charles


    Because if you drink wine occasionally, your body will lack a kind of enzyme which will decompose ethanol. When you drink a lot once, it will store excessive acetaldehyde and make your head hurt. But if you always drink wine, your blood vessel will stay wide. It also make you headache without drinking for 1 to 2 days as well. When you have headache, your intraocular pressure will get high and cause your eyes hurt. So when you drink a lot of wine, you can drink honey water or tomatoes juice. Doing this can reduce the pain you get and help you avoid headache and eye hurt. What is more, please don't drink tea after you are drunk, because drinking tea after drinking wine can damage you kidney.
  • elizabethandzoe


    The eyes hurt during a hangover because alcohol chemically activated your latent trigger points in your myofascial area!Tea bags can be used to treat swollen eyes by simmering each tea bag for a few minutes in Natural Cures for a Hangover Have you ever woken up with swollen eyes or puffy eyes and feel like, oh my God, what But what you want to do is let them cool of just a tad, because hot water on your eyes may hurt.

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