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Anthony gary


How long do eyes stay red after strabismus surgery?

After taking strabismus surgery, i find my eyes appear red. How long does this red eyes appear? Any idea?
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  • garcia


    Strabismus surgery does have some complicating diseases, they are naturally and medically normal, and you do not have worry too much, but in order to make everything is secure, you have to seriously obey your doctor's advices. Here are some professional points: Appearing red just as you mentioned, is definitely typical , and it will just disappear normally one month following the surgery. However, exception cases may occur on condition the processes or ways of the surgery are different or even they are not safe. For safety's sake, you'd better turn to your doctor one month later if your eyes stay red.
  • Elijah walker


    After taking the strabismus surgery, people will get the red eyes for usually three weeks. Someone may even get red for a month because of the telangiectasia telangiectasis. Thus, you could better use the medicine the doctor gives to you to shrink the blood capillary in the eyes. In addition, you'd better not eat the spicy food which may stimulate your eye nerves. You may ask the doctor which eye drops are better for you to release the red eyes symptom. Wish you get full recovery soon.

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