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Does smoking cause sunken eyes?

I often smoke especially when upset. But my friend suggest me quit smoking. He told me that smoking can cause sunken eyes. Is that true?
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  • Denise


    Yes, it s true. Although many people get the sunken because of the born-to-be condition, there are many people cause this because of the bad habit in using eyes. Smoking may affect your normal work of eye nerves. Thus, you'd better not smoke a lot which will be bad for your health and eyes.
  • Lynn Sherrill


    Well, I have to tell you that smoking can cause sunken eyes. So you'd better give up smoking. As we know that by smoking, it can produce cyanide which is a retinal toxin. And according to some research, Smokers may develop toxic amblyopic problem. In some cases, it can cause sunken eyes. Besides, if you keep smoking, it actually does harm to your health, not only the eyes, but also the body organs. Anyway, for long term effects, it can lead to lazy eyes, and hearing loss. And also, it can degrade the night vision. So it can be kind of dangerous.
  • ebarnes1621


    Hello. As far as I know, smoking is not going to cause sunken eyes. Sunken eyes may be the result of wearing glasses. And if your eyes are in the situation of long-time using, you may got sunken eyes. But you need to know that smoking is harmful for your eyes too, it's easy to cause old macula lutea degradation.