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Erin rupert


Can eye ulcers come back?

I used to got eye ulcers when i was 20 years. Now, i feel my eyes uncomfortable again. I just want to know if the eye ulcers come back? Is it possible?
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  • May Yong


    Well, yes, in my opinion, it is possible to have corneal ulcer come back. And corneal ulcer can be dangerous, for it may lead to blindness. Generally speaking, when the clear coating and cornea has been rubbed or irritated by some bacteria, a small tear or cut in your eyes, which is named as eye ulcers, can occur. In many cases, if you try some ways to cure them, it will be fine. But on the other hand, it can come back in some days. So just be careful about it. At that moment, you can use a cold compress and Ibuprofen to prevent eye pain. Or just go and see the eye doctor.
  • Catherine lewis


    You once got eye ulcer, then you should know what it is and what it look like. It is not that kind of once in a whole life disease, so it is possible for corneal ulcer to come back again. Corneal ulcer is the open sore on the cornea, which is transparent with no blood vessels. At the primary stage, patients might be very sensitive to light with water eyes and pain in eyes. You might even find some white spot on the cornea. When it becomes severe, patients feel excruciating pain and they can't even open the eyes. People who are wearing contact lenses are at higher risk of developing corneal ulcer. If you don't feel very well, you should stop wearing the contact lenses. Don't try to rub or touch your eyes with hands to avoid bacteria or virus spread to eyes. Visit the eye specialist at your earliest to avoid any serious damages. Provide proper and timely treatment to avoid corneal scarring which will impair the vision and require a surgery to fix.
  • walkingalone089


    Yes,eye ulcer can come back. Because eye ulcer can be caused by viral infection such as herpes simplex virus and fungal infections which may happen when you overuse eye drops that contain steroids. Dry eyes and disorders that affect eyelid and prevent your eye closing completely can cause eye ulcers as well. Moreover, if you wear contact lenses, it will take risk of eye ulcers too. So when you feel your eyes uncomfortable, you should go to seek medical care.