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Can i get new glasses while pregnant ?

I am pregnant for about six months. I am staying at home all day long. I am so boring. I like watching movies. But now my vision is a little blurred. Can I get a new pair of glasses?
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  • Julia


    Dear, do not watch TV for a long time. It is not good for your baby and you. The reflection of computer will cause side effects on the development of your baby and it will damage your eyesight. You can go out for a walk with your friends. You can read books too, but do not read for a long time, because you need some exercise. It will do well to your baby. I think you needn't buy new glasses at this moment.
  • Zoe


    I think you'd better not watch movies during the pregnant. It is not good for your baby. You shouldn't get glasses while you are pregnant or even breastfeeding, because your eyesight will change during pregnancy according to the change of your hormones. While after this, your eyesight will return to the normal condition. Ask your doctor about this, I think they will tell you like this too. I've been told the same thing. You can still use your old glasses and contacts, but they are not as sharp as you would like them to be. If I were you, I wouldn't invest money into a new pair of glasses because eyesight is likely to change again. That's just my bit of advice.
  • Victor Lee


    Your eyes are seemingly random part of the body affected by those kooky hormones at 26 weeks pregnant. During this time, your vision might be less sharp and your contact lenses might be less comfortable to wear, your eyes may be drier than ever. But don't worry %u2014 eye symptoms, like skin symptoms, will disappear after delivery. So I suggest you not to get glasses during this period.
  • Rebecca


    Your refractive error might change during pregnancy. You may require a new prescription if you wear glasses or contacts. This change may be temporary, but it may also be permanent. If you do need a new prescription during your pregnancy, you will need to be reexamined after delivery or breast feeding to see if the new prescription is still right for you.
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