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Katelyn smith


Can humans catch eye infections from dogs?

My dad doesn't allow me to keep a dog. It is so lovely. I really want to have this dog. Dad said that we may catch eye infections from dogs. I doubt about that. Can you tell me will we catch eye infections from dogs?
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  • Jose joyce


    Dear kid, if the dog has eye infections, you may have a big chance to catch eye infections. As some people are allergic to animal furs, keeping a dog in the house will make them ill. They may get pink eye (a kind of eye infection). If there is somebody allergic to furs in your house or you cannot clean the dog by yourself, you'd better not keep this dog though it is very lovely.
  • Sonya


    Kid, nowadays many people will have a pet in their house though they may catch eye infections from their dogs or cats. But it depends on which kind of eye infection you may get. If your dog has bacterial pink eye which is highly contagious, you may possibly get pink eye as well.
  • Johnny W.


    Bacterial conjunctivitis is transferred easily from dogs to humans. You may come into contact with the bacteria while petting and hugging your dog. You can pick it up when touching walls and furniture where your pet has rubbed his face. Even his paws are spreading contaminants as he walks across the floor if he's been rubbing his eyes. After touching a contaminated surface, you only need to touch your eyes to become infected.

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