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What are the best sunglasses for macular degeneration?

My mum got the macular degeneration. She is sensitive to sunlight. I want to take her to have a good holiday with us in this summer. Which kind of sunglasses is best for her? How to cure this kind of disease?
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  • colors8282


    I suggest you to choose a pair of polarized sunglasses. Studies have shown that UV and blue light can damage the pigment cells in the retina, which can accelerate the macular degeneration. polarized sunglasses can block UV and blue light and further protect our eyes. Sunglasses are not just a fashion statement nowadays. Actually, they are a necessity when we are going outside for they can protect our vision.
  • ellochkablecy


    Kid, I had got the macular degeneration since I am 35 years old. I had an eye surgery last year. I think you'd better take your mum to the hospital than go for a holiday. There are two kinds of macular degenerations. They are dry macular degeneration and wet macular degeneration. If your mum got the dry macular degeneration, it can't be cured at this time, but you can take her to see the ophthalmologist often. If she got the wet macular degeneration, there are a variety of treatments that you can adopt.