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How do contact lens solutions work?

I doubt that whether contact lens solutions can clean our contacts. How does this work? Will they cause any side effect on our eyeballs or contacts?
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  • ccrazybeautyful


    Dear friend, contact lens solutions can clean our contacts and they will not cause side effects on our eyeballs. So don't worry. There are many kinds of contact lens solutions which serve different purposes in the cleaning and maintenance of our contact lenses. These solutions can clean and disinfect contact lenses and maintain their comfort and performance. They can avoid potential serious eye problems too.
  • Sara scott


    Though there are several different types of contact lens solutions, you should choose them according to which type of contact lens. In order to choose the safe cleaning and storage for your contact lenses, you should follow your eye care provider's directions. And only the daily wear or extended wear contact lenses need contact lens solutions. The expired contacts needn't be cleaned any more. Usually, the solutions will not cause side effects on our eyeballs or eyesight.