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Catherine williams


Why do eyes sting in swimming pool?

I am swimming with my sister. My eyes are sting. Can you tell me why? What caused eyes sting? It is quite annoying. How to avoid this?
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  • Austin gerard


    Dear kid, do you have red eyes when you come back from the pool. If your eyes are sting and red, your eyes may be hurt by the chorine in the swimming pool. You can dry off your eyes with a clean towel. Do not use the beach towel, because it is wet with chlorine too. You can go to a sink after you went home. Release some warm water in the sink then bend down into the sink slowly. Try to open your eyes if the water isn't running too fast. Let the water wash out the chlorine that was in your eye for a few minutes.
  • candylips167


    Kids, you can wear the goggles. As you now have had the symptom, you can use a couple of drops of milk in each eye which will make the eyes feel better. If the swimming pool is quite good and have high standard of hygiene, it is not the chlorine that makes your eyes sting. It is the pH of the water.
  • Vidadimir


    People will often complain of burning, itching eyes after spending some time in a swimming pool. There are a couple of reasons for this.Chlorine seems to be the number one reason that people think is the cause, but is not always the case. However, it can be a cause of it.The combined chlorine compound, called a chloramine, is produced when a free chlorine molecule combines with a nitrogen or ammonia molecule. These compounds smell bad, irritate the eyes and skin, and get in the way of free chlorine trying to do its job. The other reason is the PH. the pH in our bodies is 7.2 parts per million. That being said, when the pH in a pool gets too low or high (ideal range is 7.2-7.6 ppm) the body reacts and produces the burning and itching eyes.