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Can you go blind after lasik eye surgery ?

I have very serious vision problems. I heard that lasik eye surgery can correct many kinds of vision problems. I am going to have lasik eye surgery. Is there any risks? Will I go blind after lasik eye surgery?
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  • RJ


    Don't worry. It is said that complete or partial loss of vision from lasik eye surgery are extremely rare. As to the side effects and lasik eye surgery complications, they can be solved by additional surgery or medical treatment. Many people say that lasik eye surgery has an excellent safety profile. It also has a very high success rate. lasik eye surgery can treat myopia , hyperopia and astigmatism. After lasik eye surgery, you will live a life without glasses or contacts.


    You can ask the doctor for some suggestions. I know that they usually tell patients the details of the surgery and some potential risks before the surgery. Many surgeries will have risks, but I heard that lasik eye surgery is quite success. I think the most important thing is to make sure that you are a suitable candidate. This will ensure you a successful vision correction. We know that not everyone is suitable for lasik eye surgery. Certain conditions and anatomical factors such as thin or irregular corneas, large pupil size, your degree of refractive error, your age, whether you are pregnant etc. can put you at limit optimal lasik results or an increased risk of an undesirable outcome.
  • Rebecca


    Temporary blindness may occur because during Lasik surgery "you have to pump the pressure up in the eye to about 6x normal in order to cut a good flap, as you can't cut an accurate flap in a floppy eye. The pressure is actually higher than your blood pressure, so the eye stops perfusing with blood, and you go temporarily blind.
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