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How long does temporary blindness last?

My doctor said that i got temporary blindness. So, can you tell me how long will it last? Is there any way that help me?
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  • b3li3ve


    The time of the temporary blindness last is depends. Some of the temporary blind patients could be cure after several weeks or months treatment, and some of the temporary blind could developed as permanently blindness. The only thing you can do now is following your doctor's suggestion and cooperate with the treatment. Hope you recover soon.
  • Wendy


    I've asked a doctor and he said that temporary blindness lasts 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Generally speaking, temporary blindness are caused by dizzy, eye irritation and foreign matters enter eyes. Here vertigo is the most commonly factor that irritate temporary blindness. Under this condition, temporary blindness may last for 1-2 minutes. Well, eye irritation may let eyes feel uncomfortable and watery eyes, then you 30 seconds or more. When something others enter your eyes, the first feeling of that must be hurt and unwell. This condition depends on the foreign itself. Now we should find out some ways to solute it. Well, first, when you get temporary blindness , close your eyes soon and no any rubbing or scratching on eyes; then apply warm towel on your eyes to reduce unwell feeling; finally drop some basic drops into your eyes to keep from eye strain and watery eyes which may caused by temporary blindness. If this still doesn't work or your temporary blindness exists all the way, go to see a doctor is your best choice.
  • classiccarguy89


    Temporary blindness is also known as fleeting blindness. The causes of it cover a large varieties, from bright light flashed to some severe medical conditions. Flash blindness is the most common thing that most people might experience. Just like taking photos, every time after the flashed I feel I can't see anything because the pigment in retina is over saturated or bleached. It usually last for only few seconds. If it is related to some medical conditions, such as heart andy cardiovascular system problem, fluids built up in the brain and psycological problem. It is hard to tell how long it will last. I can only say that it last for finite period. You should find out the underlying cause and then take treatment. If the underlying cause is fixed, then your vision problem will go off.