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Jose joyce


What is the use of anti glare glasses?

I saw a sign of anti glare glasses at an online eyeglasses shop. What is the use of them? Are they better than regular eyeglasses?
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  • warren


    The main use of anti glare glasses is to protect the drivers'safety. When you are driving in night and suddenly encoutering a sharp glare from front of your eyes, the instant strong stimulation can cause a 20-30 seconds black to your sight before everything return to normal, its very dangerous may even cause unexpected traffic accidents. Anti-glare glasses with two functions: anti headlight glare and after sidelight glare. As you drive, you can have a far sight without glare.
  • Vidadimir


    Our eyes in the sunshine are fragile. Some of the harsh light from sun is harm for the eye. For example, blue light will lead the chronic depletion and degeneration of the retina. And Blue-ray can cause blurred vision, resulting in visual fatigue. What'worse, it will influence the quality of our sleeping. So it is wise to get one for our eyes. It will effectively escape the problem mentioned above.
  • nenen


    Anti-glare is a kind of optical coating that is applied to the surface of lenses of glasses to minimize reflection.This optical coating is made of various layers of metal oxide films that are coated on the lens surface. Having an anti glare coating on the lenses of an eyewear is a smart and sensible choice. Anti glare coating on glasses is beneficial for us. They can help us to improve our vision, enhances durability of eyewear, and provide good cosmetic appearance and so on.

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