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Does wearing sunglasses cause sunburn?

I saw some articles online says wearing sunglasses can cause sunburns. Is that true? Why?
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  • Sara


    Well, I do not think the sunburns are resulted in sunglasses directly. In contrast, wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes when you go out. Eye is the most important sensory organ of human body. And it can get sunburned if exposed to excessive UVA and UVB rays, and cause ophthalmic diseases or damage. There are some protective effects as wearing sunglasses in summer. But it is very important to choose a good pair of sunglasses, which can filter at least 96% UV. The fake one will not only without the function of UV-proof, but also increase the risk of your eyes.To get full of UV protection, it is absolutely necessary to wearing sunglasses in cloudy sky. Do not forget to protect your skin at the same time. Those who sunburned their skin must ignore this.
  • Alexia gerard


    That is exactly not true. On the contrary, wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from sunburns. And you know what, fair skin is easier to get sunburn than dark skin. So, if you are planing have a summer vacation, sun bath or something else, please put on your sunscreen and wear sunglasses, especially for the fair skin.
  • Warren


    If the sunglasses are not real with the fake coating, the too much strong sunlight may cause the fire on the plastic outside lenses. However, this can not be caused by sunglasses lenses which is made with special material to protect the uv in the strong sunlight from harm the eyes.