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Faith cook


Can eyeshadow cause styes?

I like to make up and i often use eyeshadow. Will it cause styes?
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  • Caroline


    First of all, you need to know what is stye. Stye is infection of the tiny oil glands on the eyelid. Something blocks the glands. Some people are prone to styes. Of course, using eyeshadow can increase the risk of styes. Carefully remove every day and ensure clean the eyes and skin around thoroughly. If your eyeshadow or eyeliner make your eyes itches, apart from them. There are so many qualified products in the market. If you got styes, just a hot compress is all you should use. You can also remove the shell through surgery, but it will cause scarring. Have your eye rest for several days.
  • Erin rupert


    The making up of eyeshadows may have some relationship with the styes. Stye is a kind of acute suppurative inflammation on the common eyelid glands and hair follicles eyelash. The teenagers will easily get this disease.When it is serious, it may leave the eyelid scar. When you have the styes, you'd better use the antibiotics ophthalmic eye drops or go to surgery to cure it.