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Can wearing contacts cause ptosis?

I often wear contact lenses. Will it cause ptosis?
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  • Nicholas carter


    Ordinarily, except infection, wearing contact lenses will not cause ptosis. Most of my friends are contacts wearers, I do not find they have ptosis. The skin will droopy gradually by the pulling of earth gravity. It is a normal physiological phenomenon. You can overcome or slow down the process by massage and lifting, eat collagen food, keep skin elastic.
  • cdale


    Definitely yes, ptosis is also called droopy eyelids, which is a condition that affects the upper lids to droop to various degrees, and giving a tired and sleepy look. In general, droopy eyelids are usually the result of aging. On the other hand, long term contact lenses wear can also cause it. Because of stretching of the muscle caused by repeated insertion and removal of contact lenses.