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Elijah walker


Is castor oil for puffy eyes?

Can i use castor oil to help my puffy eyes. Do you think it is help to my puffy eyes? Or it is bad to eyes?
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  • Jean


    Yes, castor oil is good for puffy eyes. Actually castor oil has been used for thousands of years due to its many wonderful health benefits. For eyes and skin, it is a natural emollient which can penetrates the skin and then soften and hydrate the skin. So your puffy eyes can be reduced a lot.
  • Joseph campbell


    It is dangerous for people to use castor oil as it can lead to coma even threaten to life. Usually, it can use for application of industries as a kind of lubricant. The vitamin content of castor oil is so low for the healthful use. It may cause hemiplegia if you eat excessive. Please avoid it to contact with skin and eyes. As the puffy eyes, there have some other method to treat it, is use a towel which soaked full of cool water then apply it to your eyes, doing massage around your eye socket and your temple as well as your eyebrow. If possible, you can make up, the blemish balm cream adopt around your eyes will be helpful in a short time.
  • Edward White


    Castor oil has lots of utilities. For medical usage, it can be used in constipation relief, inflammation treatment, and even labor induction. Castor oil can also be effective in treating dry eyes. Many artificial tears contain castor oil. Castor oil alone may treat dry eyes better than the marketed eye drops. Use a clean dropper, wash it thoroughly with soapy water, and rinse well. Suck 100-percent pure castor oil into the clean dropper. Drop one drop of oil into each eye three times per day.