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Can apple cider vinegar work for eye infections ?

Can i use apple cider vinegar to reduce my eye infections? Does it work? Any suggestion?
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  • crystalise34


    Yes, you can use apple cider vinegar to reduce your eye, especially it can reduce the sinus infections and its symptoms. You can drink them sometimes for a while and you can also place a cotton with that. It really work. What's more, apple cider vinegar can reduce sore throats,balance high cholesterol and cure skin problems.
  • b1ttersw33t7


    Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium, pectin, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, which is considered as a natural astringent and has good nutritional value. It not only has effects on eye infections but also good for skin. Because acid ingredients can soften blood vessels, kill germs, and enhance the body's immune and antiviral capacity. So it's quite good for eye infections. What's more by eating apple cider vinegar, it will definitely wholesome for your skin and it can improve the digestive system.
  • Andrew bell


    Apple cider vinegar is full of nutrition, and it can improve people's digestive system, eliminate the toxin in our body, enhance immune system, and promote metaBolism, etc. Drinking apple cider vinegar help your eyes recover from infection faster. You need to keep your eyes clean, and use artificial tears as the same time. By the way, keep drinking apple cider vinegar can make you healthier in a long run.

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