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Mackenzie rose


Why does my eye hurt when i chew?

My eyes hurt when i chew. It is really weird. Why? What causes it?
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  • clam_i_am


    If your eyes hurt when you chew, it can be caused by the following reasons. First, if you have any popping or clicking in the jaw, since the little jaw joint can cause all kinds of different pains when it is stressed, including eyes pain, as well as severe headaches, neck pain and facial pain, etc. Second, if the cartilage disc inside the joint has become inflamed and dislocated out of its position, you can also have eyes hurt, so you need to go to hospital and have a check.
  • Miranda hall


    I am not sure what happened based on your description, but there is a possibility that the pain from your cheek or tooth can be transmitted to your eyes. It is not weird but possible. I saw many people who have severe toothache complained about eye hurt at the same time. It might be some sinus problem which causes your eye pain when you are chewing. Or the nerve problem could be the culprit too, after all nerves links our organisms on face together. What caused it is not clear. Or if there is any other symptoms accompanied the pain? You should go to hospital for further examination to find out what happened. It should not be serious problem.

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