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Can dehydration cause temporary blindness?

Is it possible for people with dehydration feel blindness temporary? Will it recover soon if treat it by taking some water?
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  • Jacqueline


    Yes, it is possible for people with dehydration feel blindness temporary, but you can not treat it by taking some water.Dehydration can decrease the circulating blood volume of your body so your blood pressure will be low as there is not enough blood getting to your brain and which can make you feel blindness temporary. You can sit down for a while and it can help restore the blood supply to the brain of your vision will be improved.
  • easilyfixed


    Yes, it is possible for people with dehydration feel blindness. Dehydration will affect eyesight, for without enough water, our body will not perform normally. Our lacrimal gland will become dry, which would make the vessel blood pass eyes more quickly without enough fresh oxygen, thus it could cause temporary eye dry and even blindness. what's more, dehydration will also result in dizziness which causes vision blur, shorter or longer focus length of eyesight, couple of images of a single object, etc. Usually it will recover after drinking enough water. But if you suffer dehydrayon and not recover after taking some water, you should consult the doctor.
  • chocolateeeee


    Yes, it is possible to get temporary blindness for people with dehydration. Dehydration is a simple problem which might cause serious conditions. Vision problems caused by dehydration including colorblindness and blackout. You might fell all got black out of a sudden, but after taking some water and having a rest, you vision would come back to normal. Water is the essential component of human body. About 90% of human body is water. And we also know that without water, people can only survive for 7 days at most. We need to intake 8 cups of water everyday to provide the water consumption of our body. The more water you consumed, then the more water you need to take. This is why we usually drink a lot of water after exhaustive exercises. So if your temporary blindness is truly caused by dehydration, I strongly suggest you to have more water to avoid any serious damages to organisms.

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