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Justin fergus


Are glasses a turn off for women?

Do you think that women with glasses look good? Or the eyeglasses make women ugly?
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  • Christopher giles


    On the contrary, for me, I think women with glasses are looking good and felling good. Eyeglasses will not make women ugly but make them seem to be more beautiful and knowledgeable. Eyeglasses have various kinds of colours and frames, different women with different skin colours and face shapes will be complimented by wearing suitable eyeglasses. For example, a round face women can wear square frame eyeglasses to decorate her face and the square frame glasses will add highlight to her face, which will make her face more attractive. In all, glasses are not a turn off for women. Eyeglasses not only provide clear vision for women but also make them unique and outstanding.
  • chris R


    Hello, in my opinion, it just depends. Because glasses can boost one's aesthetic appeal, while they can also hinder it, depending on how beautiful the lady is and what is the observer's preferences. For example, if the woman is pretty and she picks a nice pair of glasses, she will be more beautiful. While a lady can not be attractive fatering wearing glasses if she is unattractive at all. So just do not worry and be what you are, try what you like, wear the glasses you like, good luck!
  • williams


    Different people have different standards of beauty, personally speaking, I think woman with eyeglasses is just the same as normal women. However, if the woman with glasses behaves so strange, that would be wired. I know that some people with glasses may easily lack of confidence. I do feel there's no need for their insecurity. One of my friends is a pretty girl with glasses, guys love her because she is straightforward and confident. She randomly wear contact lenses for fun, basically, she like to wear glasses. If you really think you can be confident without glasses, you can try on contact lenses.
  • Joonee


    Everyone has their separate opinion. But i don't think glasses are a turn off. I think glasses are sexy and cute on a woman at times.