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Why does horace grant wear goggles?

Do you know why horace grant often wear goggles? Can goggles make him look cooler?
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  • hand_in_glove_


    Yes I know that Horace Grant often wear goggles, he is very fashionable and often wear shoes with holes in the sole and pants with patches, but making him look cooler is not all the meaning. He has vision problem and he once had Lasik eye surgery but he still continued to wear the goggles with dioptric when he plays basketball.
  • edward


    Basketball player, Horace Grant prefers to wear basketball goggles because it not only protect eyes from injury, but can also provide clear vision with fitted prescription. What's more goggles also makes him cool, conspicuous and unique in the field. That's why Horace Grant often wears goggles. Besides, there are also many other kinds of goggles such as swimming goggles and skiing goggles, and so on. Swimming and skiing goggles can also protect eyes like basketball goggles meanwhile provide clear vision for players. These goggles are popular among many professional players as well as amateur players.
  • Alexa


    Wearing goggles to make him cooler is one of the reasons. The main reason for him and for every player is the protection the goggles can provide. It's pretty dangerous for the professional sports player with near-sightedness to contest with others. However, wearing glasses can be more dangerous, so they never wear glasses. They even seldom wear contact lenses because it's not safe as well. Goggles with prescription are the perfect choice for them. And there are various goggles for them to choose, and they can keep cool at the same time. Most of the sports brands even offer players goggles for free.
  • andrew strauss


    Wearing goggles to make him cooler is one reason. The principle purpose behind him and for each player is the insurance the goggles can give. It's quite risky for the expert games player with partial blindness to challenge with others. In any case, wearing glasses can be more hazardous, so they never wear glasses.
  • Sandra Patterson


    Safety on the court!