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Why does my eye twitch when i blow my nose?

When i blow my nose, my eyes keep twitches. Why? is this normal?
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  • Jacqueline


    There are several reasons lead to this problem. Your eyes may get some infection by rubbing it with dirty hands or something else. And if you plug your nose and yawn your eyes will pop out. What's more, if you sneeze too hard your eyes pop out and the blood vessel in your eye will be affected, which can cause it to get twitches, swelling up and getting puffy and sometimes has a little blood. You can make some tea, and put the tea bag on your eye for about 10 minutes and make sure it's not too hot or at least warm. Try this and good luck!
  • hill


    Eye twitching is the out-controlled eyelids spasm. It is not a serious condition but very common that nearly all people might experience it in their whole lift. It can be caused by fatigue, pro-longed starring or eye strain, too much alcohol or caffeine, neurological disorders or even hereditary reason. But normally it is harmless, but rather annoying. If you can transfer your attention to something else, you might fail to realize when did it go off. It is not clear why you get the eye twitching when you blow your nose. It might be some neurological connection or condition. As to some severe cases, people can get medication but it usually provides a temporary relief, and it might bring some unexpected side effects. So for me, when I had eye twitching, I would prefer to have a good rest. I always try to massage my eyes to sooth the skin and nerves. Relax yourself and have a rest. Relaxation can alleviate the stress and fatigue.