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Can i go to school with a stye ?

It looks really ugly to suffer a stye on my eyes. Shall i stay at home? I mean can i go to school during this time?
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  • Steve


    Well, in my opinion, you should not go to school until the eye stye recover, for eye stye can be contagious. Of course, to make it recover faster, you should try some ways. According to some doctors, the tea bag contains many different objects which do a good job to many eye diseases including stye. So you can just use a cool tea bag and put it on your eyes. And just repeat it for many times a day. Also, eye stye can be caused by some bacteria and allergies. So just make sure your eyes are far from the bacteria.
  • evelyn


    Hello, it depends on your condition of stye. If you just got a red, itchy bump on your eyelid and felt not very server, you can still go to school though it is a little bit not good-looking. While if it burns, very server, it is highly needed for you to stay at home, since it is highly contagious. You need a good treatment at home.
  • Juan


    You can choose either to stay at home or to go to school. If you think it ugly to have stye on the eyes, then you can ask for leave. If you go do school during this time, make sure that your hands are clean and do not share washcloth, eyemake or towel with others. Do not rub your own eyes and then touch something else without washing your hands in case that the bacteria come into contact with others' eyes.

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