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Erin rupert


What are good home remedies for blocked tear ducts?

Can you tell me some good home remedies for blocked tear ducts? Please help.
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  • crc32


    you can massage and pulse gently from the inner corner of the eye down and across to the bridge of the nose, which has an effect of stimulating the duct and breaking up the blockage. Also, you can apply hot compress over the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. You can take advantage of the towel dampened with warm water at home, which is convenient.
  • ebarnes1621


    As we know, the tear ducts sit near corner of the eyelids which is close to the part of nose. Sometimes the duct may have the blockage which will cause a person to have excessive tearing and frequent eye infections. The blockage of the tear ducts may result from an infection in eyes or poorly formed ducts, injury or medication use or other things. Besides the surgery which could help you cure the blocked tear ducts, there are home remedies for you to do. You could do the massage to help the blocked tear ducts. You could keep on doing the massage gently on the nasal corner of the eye a few times every day. It may help break up the blockage. In addition, you could also do the compress on the inside corner of the eye which will absolutely help you do the break the blockage in the duct. You could try the above ones to see whether there is the effect.
  • walksal0ne


    Well, it seems that there is someone in your family who has got blocked tear ducts. And if the patient is your baby, your home remedy could be some eye drops or breast milk because some cases prove that breast milk would do good to blocked tear ducts. However, sometimes you would not know what is not suitable for the eyes and damage the patient's eyes. So, you had better take the patient to the hospital for treatment.