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Does vitamin k help black eyes?

Is it true that vitamin k help black eyes? How?
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  • Jonathan


    Vitamin K is one of the most effective antioxidants in the world and it could help to reduce your dark circles, as well as bruised eyes for it could accelerate your blood circulation around your eyes. So try to get some vitamin K pills and get more sleep. Also try to apply some eye creams.
  • steven


    The most common factor that cause black eye is injury, exactly face injury. Eye injury causes black eyes indeed, however, face injury is the common reason. The most crucial step in black-eye treatment is immediate and consistent exposure to cold, that is, apply cold compresses for five to ten minutes, three times a day and it is good to recover normal blood circle. Well, vitamin K is good for you to heal black eye. Studies have consistently shown the positive effects that vitamin K has on the healing process, especially bruises. So it is really true that vitamin K help black eyes. But how to supply vitamiin K? The answers are fresh fruits, such as oranges and strawbarries.
  • walentynka


    Yep, it can work with black eye. Vitamin K is considered as effective healing damaged capillaries of the eye and the skin. It can improve blood circulation, check internal bleeding and cure black eye. That is to say, vitamin K helps to promote and accelerate healing to the tissue, and repair blood vessels. You can find rich vitamin K in some food, like broccoli, kiwi fruit and spinach.