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Heather Kirk


Does olive oil help eye wrinkles?

Can i use olive oil to reduce my eye wrinkles. Does it work? Any idea?
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  • csky4


    Well, I can see that you are eager to remove your wrinkles because they are quite boring and could make you appear to be quite aged in some way. Olive oil could indeed help us remove excessive eye wrinkles because as you can see, olive oil is comprised of a lot of nutrition including various vitamins, and they could do good to remove those wrinkles. Of course it works well, olive oil has got great penetration.
  • Brooke peters


    Of course yes, it works for that. It is widely known that olive oil contains vital antioxidants and nutrients to benefit for skin. And there are about 80 percent of the content of olive oil is oleic acid, which has obvious contribution to health, especially has the ability to penetrate the skin's layer effectively. That is to say, it can transfer vitamin E to the skin's cells in an effective way. Hence, it can reduce the wrinkles around your eyes. You can use some cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil to massage it into your eyes area gently. It is really good for reducing eye wrinkles.
  • Sara scott


    As a matter of fact, the olive oil can actually reduce eye wrinkles to some extent if you get right ways. Because the olive oil has strong permeable layer ability, which can provide vitamin E to skin cell effectively when applied around eyes. The essential method is massage eyes with it. If you keep on using it every morning and every night by massaging it gently on the skin around eyes which are the very sensitive areas, which can help our skin revitalize and look more shining even can accelerate reepithelialization as well. Therefore, it's totally do work for your eye wrinkles.Keep using the olive oil in a effective way in your daily life, i'm sure you will see changes soon. Thanks for consulting.