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Luis lewis


What does cold in the eye look like?

One of my friends said that she got cold in the eyes. I just can't understand. What does cold in the eyes look like? Any idea?
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  • walkingnreverse


    When you have the cold in the eyes, your eyes will be so weak. The cold is such a viral upper respiratory infection. Your immune system will be weak. It has to fights the virus and in the process produces lots of mucus. Your eye nerves will be weak too. Your eye pressure is not stable. Your eyes may get red often. They can be swollen and watery. If you don't have the cold, your eyes will work in normal state to clean such thing. The cold eyes will have the white junk in the corner of the eye. That is to say, you may often clean it out when you wake up. That is the first thing you may do in the day. You should intake the medicine to treat the cold eyes or use some eye drops to clean the eyes.
  • califractal


    Well, first, an eye cold is a type of acute viral infection, and when getting it, your eyes will have redness, itching, and tearing. And it is commonly accompanied by respiratory and sinus problems. In many cases, eye colds generally do not respond to antiviral drugs, so you can just have a good rest and wait for the virus to run its course. Of course, you can also apply a warm or cold compress to your eye. In that way, it can help alleviate redness and swelling. So you can just have a try.
  • Wendy


    Got cold in eyes means conjunctivitis generally speaking. There are totally three types of conjunctivitis, bacterial, viral and allergic conjunctivitis. And cold eye refers to viral conjunctivitis specifically. It is the most common case of conjunctivitis, which is caused by transmission of virus during or after getting a cold or upper respiratory infection. Because the symptoms are similar to cold, so it gets the name eye cold. It is acute eye infection, with symptoms like watering, itching, redness and increased sensitivity to light. The most common cause for eye cold is the pathogen family, such as herpes simplex, the influenza virus and etc. It is strongly contagious. Direct contact with infected person would make the people infected. Sharing towel or toilet, or just drink from the same glass is very dangerous. Common conjunctivitis usually last for days. Allergic conjunctivitis might go very soon as long as if you are out of touch with allergen. But as to viral conjunctivitis, especially caused by herpes, it could last for months. Be careful.

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