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How to get rid of eye chalazion?

It is terrible to get eye chalazion. Is there anyone who can tell me how to get rid of it?
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  • Shirley


    Well, it seems that you have got chalazion, which could make your eyes appear to be terrible and leave damage to your eyes, leading to some other problems. So, the therapy to chalazion is different based on the seriousness of the problem. If the problem is newly acquired, you just need to get some eye drops or medicine, and apply warm compressor to your eyes. But if the problem is serious, you should go for an eye surgery, typically, the surgery would not be terrible and make you suffer, just take it easy.
  • Robert ja


    Well, it is annoying to have eye chalazion. As we know that eye chalazion is a lump of the lid that is caused by obstruction of the drainage duct of an oil gland within the upper or lower eyelid. And this lump may increase in size and also, it will just make your eyes become red, warm, or painful. So it can be dangerous. For your situation, you can try warm compresses which may be helpful. For example, you can hold a warm, wet cloth on the eyelid for five to 10 minutes, four times a day. In that way, it will reduce swelling and promote drainage of the gland. Remember that the towel and the water should be clean. You can have a try.
  • eagle_tester_3


    The best way to get rid of it is to receive chalazion surgery. This surgery is normally performed by an ophthalmologist at an eye hospital. And there is no need to take further medical care in hospital after it, that is, you can go home and have a good rest at the same day that you take chalazion. By the way, the individual who get eye chalazion may feel sensitivity to light and swelling on the eyelids for weeks, these are symptoms for eye chalazion and take a good rest after chalazion surgery. Meanwhile, if there are something uncomfortable after surgery, call your doctor for a help and don't rub your eyes, or you may get further infection.