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What is the difference between eye cyst and stye?

Is eye cyst the same as eye stye? They look almost the same on the eyes. What is the difference between eye cyst and stye?
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  • Susan Wright


    Well, a stye is inflammation of the eyelid, usually inside one of the small glands lining the eyelid. And generally speaking, most of styes are caused by infection from bacteria. So to cure it, you should make sure your eyes are far from the bacteria, so that they can not be infected. But for eye cyst, it can be a painful and annoying condition. Cysts may occur on both the upper as well as lower eyelid because of infection. To treat it, you should place the warm compress on the cyst. And it can be effective.
  • cupidityx


    Well, both of them are terrible and could bring a lot of suffering to us and we need to eliminate them. However, stye is something that happened on the surface of our eyes, while an eye cyst might be inside our eyes, and it contains severak specific problems. If you are not sure what is wrong with your eyes, go to see a doctor.
  • Danai P.


    The symptom of the eye cyst and the eye stye is little similar. They look almost the same on the eyes. However, their cause of the eye disease is different. The eye sty is a kind of disease in sebaceous glands and meibomian gland which is developed into acute suppurative infection. It can be divided into outer stye and internal hordeolum. It may cause eye socket bee weave complications such as infection. However, it is the eyes infection that mainly causes the eye cyst which will make your eyes above part seem so serious at the skin. You may feel hurt at the skin eyes part. Both two eye diseases should be taken good care of.

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