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What is the difference between eye stye and chalazion?

I seems that chalazion looks the same as eye stye. Are there any differences?
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  • Sonya


    Although the chalazion looks the same as eye stye, they are totally different. Talking about chalazion, it means the meibomian gland idiopathic aseptic chronic granulomatous inflammation. It consists of fibrous tissue parcel capsule containing meibomian gland secretion and chronic inflammatory cell infiltration. And the eye sty is a kind of disease in sebaceous glands and meibomian gland. It is developed into acute suppurative infection which can be divided into outer stye and internal hordeolum. It may cause eye socket bee weave complications such as infection. If you don't treat them well, it may leave the scar. They are totally different at the cause of the diseases except the symptom. They should both be treated well through the surgery or other home remedies. You should take care of them to protect your eyes.
  • Mariah ja


    Well, they are different from each other. First, eye chalazion is a lump of the lid that is caused by obstruction of the drainage duct of an oil gland within the upper or lower eyelid. Generally speaking, this lump may increase in size. And because of it, your eyes will turn to red, warm, or painful. On the other hand, eye stye is caused by some bacteria and allergies. So to cure it, you should make sure your eyes are far from the bacteria, so that they can not be infected. And at that moment, your eyes will feel burning, red. For the treatments, heating a piece of garlic will work wonders if done right.

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