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How to put in halloween contact lenses?

I have a pair halloween contact lenses, and now i plan to wear it for a theme party. How can i put it in my eyes? Is it the same to normal contact lenses?
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  • Armand


    Halloween contact lenses are a kind of contacts and you can wear them in the same when you are wearing the normal contact lenses. First of all, wash your hands before wearing them, especially your fingers. Make sure your nails are not too long, for long nails may scratch your lenses or even your eyes. Then, put the contact lenses on your fingers and carefully put them into your eyes one by one. Hope this will be helpful.
  • walgreensunder


    Well, I can see that you are very interested in halloween contact lenses and would like to make yourself appear attractive in the Party. So, generally speaking, the quality of those special contacts is harder and could be a breeding ground for bacterium, so you should soak the contacts in solution water to make them clean. Then you should keep your eyes wide and use the stick to put the lenses into your eyes.
  • Raul Ruth


    Two words: safety first! Figuring out where to buy your contacts is as important as the kind of contacts you choose to wear. Because of the risks associated with wearing poor quality contacts, Health Canada recently ruled that contact lenses, including cosmetic or decorative lenses, are medical devices (and not consumer goods). As such, you should never buy them from unlicensed sellers -- such as costume and makeup shops. You might be getting unsafe products that haven%u2019t been properly manufactured or that don%u2019t have sterile packaging. Instead, visit a licensed professional for a fitting and a prescription even if you have perfect eyesight and don%u2019t need corrective eyewear. Keep in mind that no contact lens is "one size fits all." A poor lens fit can lead to eye infections, abrasions and serious vision problems. visit : custom essay writing service
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