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Elijah leslie


What can parents do to deal with lazy eye in kids?

A doctor told me that my kid has lazy eyes. What can i do for her to help her lazy eyes?
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  • handsomemansclu


    "Lazy eye"is frequently used to refer to amblyopia. It a disorder of the visual system that is characterized by a vision deficiency in an eye that is otherwise physically normal, or both eyes have low vision. It happens in early childhood younger than 9. If your child really suffers from lazy eye, I think you should take her to the eye doctor and have a series of tests to find what kind of lazy eyes she suffered. The doctor will help you the medical treatment. In the daily life, you can cook her more eggs, fish and dairy food for her. Hope you daughter be better soon!
  • copelynrose


    Lazy eyes also called amblyopia by eye doctor that is caused by lack of focus of the eyes for some reasons. And the treatments for lazy eyes vary on its severity. You can ask your kids wear a patch over the stronger eyes so as to help them get comfortable and clear vision. Besides, lazy eyes can also be corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses. Of course, you'd better do it with the guide of eye doctor.

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