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Ethan walker


Can we wear contact lenses for 24 hours?

I heard that we need take off contact lenses everyday. I just wonder that can we wear contact lenses last for 24 hours?If so, what will happen?
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  • Eric quick


    It is not good to wear lenses for a long time, 8 to 12 hours is enough, and do not wear when during bedtime either. if it is the first time for you to wear the contacts, you need pay attention to that you should just wear 2 hours on the first day; 4 hours next day ;on third days, 6 hours is enough; on fourth days, 8 hours and the fifth days is 10 hours, then on sixth days you can wear normally. Appropriate time of wearing is for avoiding increasing the eyes burden. And you would better wear the frame glasses one to two day per week in order to make your eyes comfortable.
  • edjuice


    If your contact lenses are not extended contacts, it is quite dangerous to wear them for 24 hours because it will cause lack of oxygen in your eyes and lead to abrasions, infection, stuff like that. Also when you sleep your eyes roll in the back of your head and your lenses can get stuck in the back of your eye. But if you do accidentally sleep in them for only one night, you should still be ok.
  • Michelle percy


    Generally, occasionally wearing contact lenses for 24 hours can be ok, but not for a long time, it will do great harm to the eyes. When you really cannot take down the contact, you had better to take down for a few days after wearing and your eyes can get rest . Sometimes I will wear for two days, but it does not matter. Contact lenses are very vulnerable and will damage the eyes If you do not often change and clean the lenses. Once in a while, it does not matter .However, do not get in the habit.
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