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What are good solution to deal with computer eye strain?

I have to work with computer for about 9 hours everyday and feel eye strain. Can you tell me some ways to help me release eye strain?
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  • adams


    Firstly, you should adjust your computer. A lot of people who use computer with a high lighting screen will be easier to suffer eye strain. When you use your computer, you'd better change your screen on a proper lighting. Except the light from the screen, the light from the environment can also influence your eyes. So reduce the bright of lighting can also help. Secondly, you should adjust yourself and have a regular rest. Do some eye exercise or blink more can be useful for avoid eye strain.
  • Tyler charles


    I also work on the computer for at least 10 hours a day and I find these tips and tricks help me a bit to avoid eye strain. 1. keep taking break every so often and move away your eyes from computer screen. 2. Drink lots of water, keeping fluid flowing through the body. 3. use artificial tears once a day. 4. wear computer glasses 5. Lower the computer screen brightness
  • A.L


    Computer eyestrain is due to using the computer overtime or in the wrong way including bad lighting and other environmental factors. Most people who have the computer eyestrain do computer task for hours without a break. Please take a few minutes away from your computer. If you can’t leave your desk, close your eyes and do the eye exercise for relax. The work place is well lightened in order to read hardcopies without straining your eyes. The windows are at right angles to the screen and not behind or in front of the screen. Lighting is not overly bright. Make sure it is located at about the same distance from your eyes as the screen itself.