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Brittany green


Can I get no nose pad eyeglasses? Where to go?

I want to buy eye glasses without nose pad. But where can i get it?
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  • Joshua?arnold


    Usually glasses made in plastic don't have a nose pad. So you just need to choose plastic frames glasses. Don't choose metal frames glasses because almost all metal frames come with nose pads. And you can get glasses without a nose pad at almost every glasses shop which sell eyeglasses. If you want a cheaper price, you can purchase it online by searching "plastic eyeglasses".
  • Makayla raphael


    Yes, you can get eyeglasses without nose pads. Usually, metal framed eyeglasses are made with nose pad that allow you adjust it to fit for your nose, While plastic framed eyeglasses are made of fixed nose pads. Some people also called them no nose pad eyeglasses. So, if you want to get no nose pad eyeglasses, just buy plastic framed eyeglasses. And these plastic eyeglasses are sold in every eyeglasses shop. Hope this help.

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