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Noah james


How to correct lazy eye in adults?

I am an adult with lazy eyes. What should i do to treat my lazy eyes?
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  • luis


    Lazy eyes are called amblyopic in medical terms. It's a common eye disease happened in developing countries. The main methods for treatment of lazy eyes include using glasses, patch, drops and surgery. Researches show that the earlier you begin to correct your lazy eyes, the more successful the treatment will be. For you adult patients, I recommend you to choose the surgery, because adults suffering lazy eyes are not as easy as children to correct the disorder by physical method. If your lazy eyes are not too serious, maybe using correct glasses can heal your disease.
  • exxxtazzzy


    I think you'd better consult an eye doctor for a specialist on vision therapy. Anyway, i know some ways that can help lazy eyes. Hope it will help you: You can buy a pair of prosthetic contact lenses in the good eye to help you eyes; And do some exercise that can help your weak eyes; Buy a pair of prescribed eyeglasses that can improve your weak eyes' focus.

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