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Benson Dubois


How to get rid of age spots under eyes?

I noticed that i get some age spots under my eyes. Can you tell me how to get rid of it? Pleases help.
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  • Armand


    The so called age spots are usually yellow, black or grey marks on skin, which are mostly caused by prolonged sun exposure. It is called liver spots or solar lentigens. From its name, we could know that these spots usually appear on the skin which is exposed to the sun, like face, hands, arms or shoulders. Age spots are very common for people above 40, and they are usually flat and oval shaped, which are just pigmentation on the skin. There are some home remedies for you to have a try. Because sun exposure is the main culprit of age spots, the first thing for you is to protect your skin from sunrays. UV screen is very helpful and necessary whenever you need to go outside with sunrays. There is UV damage even if it is cloudy. Have more vegetables and fruits in your daily diet to help body maitan moisture and clean. Take some supplement of vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc, which could help anti-aging. Apply the fresh aloe vera juice or castor oil or lemon juice on the spots twice every day. You can also make some mask with natural material such as apple cider vinegar. I, myself, like to use milk and pearl powder to whiten and brighten my skin. Have a try to see whether some measure is useful to you. For me, natural home remedies are much better than any other chemical cosmetics or laser surgeries.
  • Desiree


    According to the medical theory, the age spot also called the Hyperpigmentation, and if you want to know hot get rid of it, you should know the reasons why you have the age spot, now maybe you will say it is because you are getting aging and aging, but I want to tell you you can also do something to slow down the process. According to the experts, the reason why you get the age spot under your eyes is that the excess deposited of melanin make you have the spot. Also, the melanin appeared on your face because of lack of vitamin A. As a matter of the fact, you can try a mixture of oat flour and fresh lemon juice. Pls remember that you should repeat twice daily fro about 14 days until you find the spots are fade. Another home remedy for the age spots is that you can have a try with the baking soda and ground chamomile flowers after steaming your face. No matter what you want to do, you should keep happy mood, then you will get big surprise.
  • Emma Emily


    I love dermalmd anti-aging serum. Been using it for a few weeks. I have sensitive skin and don't break out from it. I also have this weird age or sun spot right under my eye that I put the serum on. I'm hoping it helps fade it a little. I will definitely purchase this again once I need a refill!