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Ariana oliver


How to improve eyes naturally?

I have very poor vision and always wear prescription eyeglasses. Is there any way to improve my eyesight?
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  • garcia


    There are different ways to improve eyesight naturally . Eye exercises are said to be helpful to improve vision. An easy way to strengthen your eye muscles and improve your vision is blinking. It can relieve strained and tired eyes. Another effective way is eye palming. Place your two hands over your eyes with the cup of your palm covering your eyes, your fingers on your forehead and the heel of your hand will rest on your cheekbone. It will need long term insistance and you may not notice a big improvement until several years later.
  • castro_jan


    You can use the following three methods to improve your eyesight. First, choosing a quiet place, sitting or standing, relax your whole body, make your head and neck not move, only turn eyeballs, turn 6 times by suitable hour hand first, press anticlockwise roll 6 times again. Second, choosing a place with fresh air, sitting or standing, relax your whole body. Look at the front horizontally. And slowly absorb enough air, open your eyes widely, and then slowly exhale the air, along with closing your eyes slowly, do it for 9 times. Third, you can sit down, relax your whole body, close your eyes, then quickly rub your hands, make it hot, then put your hand on your eyes, after the heat dissipating, remove your hand, repeat it for 3 to 5 times, which can promote eye blood circulation and improve metabolism. In addition, you can eat more vitamin A-rich and C-rich foods.
  • eeniemeenie005


    There is no best supplement for eyes. Because the eyes need various types of supplement to keep health, and some are necessary supplements that can keep eye vision in a good way. Firstly, the lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids that are included in some fruits and vegetables. They are antioxidants that act as sunglasses in the retina to prevent UV rays to damage eyes. Then, bilberry is also called blueberry, which is known as vision herb to improve night vision and prevent glaucoma and computer-vision fatigue, also strengthen retinal capillary. Next, ginkgo biloba fights free-radical damage in the retina, and improve blood flow to increase supplement of oxygen and nutrients in the optic nerve. The last one is omega-3 fatty acids, which can be founded in fish mianly to improve vision. Those are the internal supplement of eye vision. You had better take care eyes in daily life as well. It's better for you to take rest for 20 minutes, and don’t smoke if it's possible.
  • Mariah shelley


    The eye vision is mainly influenced by generic and acquired factors. However, the generic factor can be occupied a little part. If you wanna keep and improve your vision naturally, it's better to cultivate a good habit firstly. Remember not to rub your eyes or frequently touch your eyes. Your eyes need to rest after a certain period, watch more green trees. And there are some vegetable and fruits that contains various nutrition, which can help you keep good vision, such as carrot with a large number of vitamin A.

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