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Do boys like girls with prescription glasses?

I am a girl with thick prescription eyeglasses. I just wonder will boys like girl with eyeglasses?
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  • consilium_capit


    That depends. Some boys like girls with prescription glasses because they think this kind of girls are polite and quiet. But other boys dislike the girl with prescription glasses because they think it looks no good and beautiful. But non-authoritative survey shows that boys prefer girls without prescription glasses.
  • Carlos quick


    It seems so knowledgeable if woman wears the glasses, but has no good skill of cooking, and also makes people feel the distance. There is a layer of glasses between the woman and the man so that the man can't see her eyes, and doesn't know what kind of her eyes or what her expressions behind his glasses. If you look better to wear, then just do it after you choose proper one. But if that's the strong prescription, you'd better do the operation or take the contact lenses.
  • Utch


    I think glasses on a girl is HOT! A huge turn on for me, Of course it's gotta be the right frames on the right person though, otherwise it looks wrong wrong WRONG! 

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