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How to tell if someone is wearing non prescription glasses?

Now, there are so many people wearing eyeglasses. But i heard that there are some people wearing non prescription glasses. How can i judge that they are wearing non prescription glasses or prescription glasses?
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  • Ashton Stark


    I know this is old-- just answering for other visitors that happen to be seeing this 5 years later (lol). Because glasses use bent lenses, what Marc said is true. (Though they did word it as if you had to take the glasses off of a person's face to tell...) Looking through a slightly bent lens will either make an eye seem bigger or smaller. It won't seem like you are looking through a piece of plastic or straight glass, like a window. Of course, no glasses are bent so much that they basically cup your eye, so it might be hard to tell if you don't know someone's actual eye size. The simplest way to tell if they are prescription glasses or not is to literally just check if their glasses are a tad dirty. (Fingerprints, dust, etc.)If a person can't see without glasses, you better believe they will be cleaning those things every 10 minutes.
  • Marc


    You can put the glasses in the place about 30 centimeters away from you. Then you see the object through the glasses, if the object does not seem bigger or smaller, the glasses is non prescription glasses. Otherwise, the glasses are prescription. However, if the prescription degree is not heavy, it will be hard to tell the difference between prescription glasses and not prescription glasses.

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