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Kyle owen


Are vintage horn rimmed glasses in style now?

I know vintage glasses was very hot in 2012. But are they still fashionable in 2012. Should i choose them?
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  • b3miine_x3


    Yes, I think this kind of glasses will be fashionable in a long time as glasses are not fashion dress, they will not out of date in a short time. What's more, the most important part of this type of glasses is black frame glasses. Black is the color never out. So, black frame glasses will always in style. But I think you should buy a pair of glasses suitable or you and comfort you. You can choose glasses according to your face, you skin tone and what occasions you wear mostly.
  • Steve


    Horn rimmed glasses are favored by many people such as hot celeb Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp looks very sexy while wearing his horn rimmed glasses. As vintages style stuff are very fashionable right now, vintage horn rimmed glasses have become stylish glasses that flatter wearers' look. Not only men but also women can have a chic look by wearing vintage horn rimmed glasses.

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