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Are wrap around prescription sunglasses in style this season?

I am trying to get prescription sunglasses. what sunglasses should i go for. One of my friends suggests me to buy wrap round rx sunglasses. are they fashionable?
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  • Logan


    It seems that wrap around sunglasses have never gone out of style in nowadays. The style has been seen on many people from all walks of life; from beach holiday travellers to the most extreme athletes on the planet. Also wrap around sunglasses can benefit you a lot. It can prevent wind irritation, and block out more light than traditional sunglasses ever would. But wrap around prescription sunglasses are not suitable for people with strong prescription as they have a large frame and the lenses have to be very thick which make them unattractive.
  • walkinpaperdoll


    You are right about this. Wrap around prescription sunglasses are still in this season, especially for those sports enthusiasts who have vision problems. They can cover up the largest part of wearers' face and protect eyes from glare and other fine dust. Besides, they also come in a variety of colored tints to meet your demand of fashion. The best thing is, you can safely enjoy the pleasure of playing sports while bathed in the aureola of style. And one more thing, suppose you wanna go for a pair, do make a point of trying on more to see if they fit snugly on your face.