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Are wrap around sunglasses in style in 2012?

I like wraparound sunglasses very much because i feel comfortable while wearing them. So i want to know if the wrap around sunglasses still in style in 2012?
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  • eden540


    Of course. Wrap around sunglasses belong to the category of retro sunglasses. 2012 is just a year of vintage style. Wrap around sunglasses have been in style for many years. They are not only very popular but also are much more practical compared with other types of sunglasses. Wrap around sunglasses can provide coverage for both the direct as well as indirect areas of vision and are safer. They have the advantages over the prevention from dirt, particles, dust and UV lights. There are some cheap sunglasses online. You may have a look.
  • Nicholas


    In my opinion, I think wrap round sunglasses are in style in 2012. There are several reasons for this. First of all, wrap round sunglasses are often very comfortable to wear. It can help to cover large area of the skin around our eyes and keep our eyes from the harm of sunlight, thus make our eyes feel very comfortable. Secondly, wearing a pair of wrap round sunglasses will make us look very cool and manly in appearance. It can show our good taste and make us really cool. What's more, wrap round sunglasses are also very useful when you're doing outdoor activities. Therefore, you can get yourself on pair of fashionable wrap round sunglasses.